Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


IF THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY recognizes drug and alcohol dependency as a disease, why then are we not locking up people with AIDS, the flu or cancer? Because there is no cure for cancer patients in prison. Why is it so hard to realize there is no cure for drug addicts and alcoholics in prison?

THIS IS A MESSAGE to all the people of south Augusta who don't want all the lowlifes increasing the crime rate in their neighborhoods. Now you know why we don't want people from Richmond County moving into Columbia County.

IF POLITICIANS DON'T MAKE the language of government complicated, they can't get away with charging fifty grand for a nickel's worth of effort. No wonder nobody can understand modern politician language. If citizens are allowed to understand political speech, they won't go along with paying the bill.

THE WANDERERS AT the Augusta Mall who are talking loudly and slowly meandering up and down the mall make it a very undesirable place.

GAS PRICES ARE HIGH enough without a gas station's show of absolute greed by having a pricing structure of 20 cents between grades. It is bad enough when some go 12 or 13 cents between grades, but 20 cents? Come on, greedy owner, give us a break.

WHEN IS AL GORE going to get off his diatribe about cleaning up the atmosphere and focus on cleaning up the Internet, which he supposedly invented.

PEACHCARE IS JUST another form of socialized health care. If it is done away with, taxpayers of our nation won't have to pick up the slack for people who should not have had children in the first place.

SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TELL Katie Couric how to report. She looks intimidated, like she has seen a ghost. She also needs to change her appearance with brighter colors more appealing to people.

FREE SPEECH only applies if you are a minority.

DON IMUS got canceled not because he made a bad comment but because he's just not funny. He was trying too hard.

IF YOU'RE GOING to the dollar store to buy chocolate bars, I want to let you know that it is all made in Mexico. We don't make candy and chocolate here in the states like we used to.

THE MEDIA are determined to hurt humanity at home and abroad day after day.