Hospital CFO is stepping down

In light of criticism of nonprofit hospitals in Congress, University Hospital is trying to define its benefit to the community. But it will soon be doing that without one of its longtime leaders.


Chief Financial Officer Robert Taylor, 58, announced Thursday at the hospital's monthly board meeting that he will be retiring in June after 36 years at the hospital. He joined University right out of school in 1971, he said.

"It's the only real job I've had," he joked. "It feels like time to me."

Mr. Taylor will be replaced by Dave Belkoski, the vice president of finance, on July 1. Mr. Taylor had spent the past 10 years as CFO and saw the hospital through some complicated bond issues and financing, said J. Larry Read, the CEO of University Health Care System.

"He's also been our institutional memory," Mr. Read said.

"We've been able to do an awful lot of things with a good team of people," Mr. Taylor said.

As the Government Accounting Office looks at nonprofit hospitals and their tax-exempt status, hospitals are trying to find widely accepted standards for gauging their benefit to the community, said Pete Brodie, the CEO of University Health Care Foundation.

From a health fair that found a large number of people with high cholesterol to mobile mammography that has found five tumors this year, University is trying to quantify its community benefit.

With indigent care added, it comes to nearly $5 million for the first quarter of the year, Mr. Brodie said.

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