Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


I RESIDE IN a subdivision near Grovetown. With all the barking dogs my neighbors have, I feel more like I'm living in a dog kennel.

I WOULD LIKE to know who gives completely insane idiots the power to keep changing our time and keeping our lives turned upside down. The moon, the stars and the sun can't change. So why keep changing the hands on the clock? We should all throw out our smart clocks and buy a cock-a-doodle-do.

CAN'T WE GIVE Marion Williams and Andy Cheek a buyout like Charles Larke? Now that would be a good waste of money.

I DON'T BELIEVE the teachers were cheating when they folded their cards. Every time I enter any drawing, I always crinkle my paper to make mine stand out just a little bit.

PEOPLE AS A WHOLE need to understand that everybody that works at the Richmond County Board of Education are taxpayers, too. I think that they are doing a great job for the kids. What people in Richmond County need to understand is that we are not baby sitters for their children but giving customer service.

I'M A RESIDENT OF Harlem, Ga., and I want to know why the post office does not have a drive-through drop-off? For someone handicapped like me, it would be nice to get one in Harlem.

THIS IS A RANT about those free hockey-puck sized mint thingies they put in the urinals at all the restaurants and bars around here. They never taste as good as they smell and the blue ones stain your mouth and fingers.

A BIG RAVE to Davidson Fine Arts School students and faculty for their first-rate, high-flying performance of Peter Pan. You added to the magic of springtime and eased the pain of a difficult week.

WHY CAN'T THE RAILROAD or DOT repair the crossing on Highway 56 near the Burke County line? It is so rough the road is littered with bark from logging trucks, causing a real hazard to everyone.

YOU ASK ABOUT A GOOD, solid reason about alcohol not being sold on Sunday. It causes people to have wrecks, lose function of themselves and it causes families to break up. Not to mention it allows people to go into other addictions. It's just wrong. Sunday is God's day, and if you don't understand that, then you have a problem.

MORE THAN $200,000 for taxpayers to pay for one railroad flagman in Columbia County? I'm in the wrong business.

I'D LIKE TO THANK the community of Blythe young people for their help in the Great American Cleanup.

I HAPPEN TO BE an Augusta native of 36 years. I have a rant regarding downtown. The trees are in the way. You can't see the buildings. There is so much history here that's being camouflaged. I'm not familiar with the certain trees that are growing. Are they anticipating them to grow higher than the buildings?

COLUMBIA COUNTY IS supposed to be perfect, but the adults in charge just decided they can't handle preschool?

KROGER WOULD BE a lot classier if their employees wore black or blue pants instead of the stupid red shirts and tan pants.

TO THE SLOWPOKE that says she obeys the laws and is tired of people riding behind her. Well, if they are on your bumper I bet there is one law you don't obey - the law that says the left lane is for passing.

SEN. JOHNNY ISAKSON IS trying to get a VA hospital name changed to honor Congressman Charlie Norwood. One, why change the name at all? And two, why do things always get named for politicians? Is Isakson just trying to keep this awful tradition going so that some day he'll get a log cabin named for himself?

THANKS TO THE PERSON who stole my grandson's bicycle over the weekend out of his yard. You disappointed an 11-year-old little boy who had been riding that bike everyday.