Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


A RANT TO COMMISSIONERS: You will find the money for yet another study for a downtown stadium, yet there is no money for the parity of employees' retirement. Where will you find the money to pay for security for the stadium when all the deputies walk out? Keep your eyes open - it's going to happen. The employees are sick and tired of your lying, double-talking, childish ways. I have never seen the morale as low as it is now, as no one wants to work for idiots such as yourselves.

IN RESPONSE TO the person ranting about small dogs in cars: Please, hang up your cell phone and drive.

IT'S SAD THAT the Augusta-Richmond County Commission members cannot and will not get past the race issues to move Augusta forward. Any improvement for Augusta will profit all of Augusta. My hat is off to Deke for his excellent demeanor and guidance.

I SEE THE MAIL CARRIERS are going to be collecting canned food again to feed the hungry. Please tell me where these people are. I see obese adults and children everywhere I go. I have never seen anyone begging for food. I don't think anyone who is able to work but won't should be rewarded with free anything. Homeless people need to be fed, but not on a permanent basis. They need a different kind of help. Don't keep helping the people who will not help themselves. Where is their incentive to change?

THIRTY APPLIED FOR Charles Larke's job as Richmond School Superintendent. Guess why? They all want to be millionaires as fast as Dr. Larke.

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