Copenhaver aims to cut out name-calling

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver joined the Rev. Larry Fryer on Monday in a news conference at city hall in response to the racial comments by Don Imus and local radio show hosts.


Mr. Copenhaver said he applauds the efforts of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Rev. Fryer, president of the CSRA Chapter, for taking the initiative to stop name-calling.

"This has been a theme of mine since I ran for mayor," he said. "I've always tried to keep it to the high ground and keep it positive and never go negative because words do hurt. They have a damaging impact to our community, to our nation and particularly to our children."

Mr. Copenhaver said he would work with the leadership conference, Richmond County school board and would support various events aimed at ending name-calling.

"I'm willing to speak out about this," he said, adding the effort must involve everyone in the community.

School Board Vice President Joe Scott said he would support any measure that would stamp out name- calling, whether it be from rap artists, Don Imus or anybody else who would set bad examples for children.

A later news conference Monday drew more than a dozen Augusta area ministers who called for Beasley Broadcasting and Comcast to denounce and fire WGAC talk show host Austin Rhodes for his comments about Crystal Gail Magnum, the black woman who accused the Duke University lacrosse team of rape..

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