Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THE PRESIDENT GETS the blame for everything. For the person to tell President Bush to get involved and solve the dog food problem, why should he? Surely there are wise corporate people that should be responsible for that.

I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE a rave to Deputy Gooding from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office for her professional and understanding behavior when I ran out of gas on Milledge Road last week. If all our deputies are as courteous and kind as she was, then Richmond County certainly should be commended.

I THINK THAT IT WOULD be nice if two small waterfalls were put around the James Brown statue. I think that is all it needs.

I UNDERSTAND that as black people, we say certain things to each other. But that doesn't make it right and that doesn't take away from the fact that somebody's feelings were hurt. It's not right either way and we should stop pointing fingers, stop trying to justify the wrong things that we do, and start realizing that we have all got to grow up!

IF RYAN B. THINKS its okay to say whatever you want to say on the radio, maybe he should check in with Don Imus on that one. People are probably laughing somewhere, and they will continue all the way to the bank.

A RANT TO ALL THOSE people who say the police should be catching murderers and robbers instead of writing tickets. A rave to the deputy who, while dealing with a traffic violator, spotted a bank robber, pursued him and apprehended him. You showed them all that the police can write a ticket and catch robbers at the same time. Great job!

TO THE LADY THAT SAYS that she doesn't judge anybody: First of all, I'm a Christian and I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect but Jesus. And I do feel like selling alcohol on Sunday is wrong. I do pray for a lot of people and I pray for people like you for saying what you did. Call me what you will but at least when I die, I know where I'm going.

TO THE DRIVERS DISPLAYING religious emblems on their vehicles as they break laws and endanger lives as they speed on I-20: What message do you think you are relaying to other drivers, especially our young people?