Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


I CAN'T BELIEVE we have so many ignorant people that really believe Saddam didn't have WMDs. Maybe the next time the bomb drops, it will be on your front door.

BE THANKFUL. God is good! Live your life in his name. He never forgets. Love one another in his name and do the right thing. Bless you.

THIS IS TO THE brainless person who said Jesus might have been a moonshiner. You're going to have to answer to God for what you just said. I feel sorry for you, and I'll pray for you. Why don't you go find a rock and crawl under it? Because when God gets through with you, you'll wish you had.

I SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE allowing their small dogs to climb up on their laps while they're driving, and (the dogs) hang their heads out of the window and jump around the car. This doesn't seem too safe, now does it?

THIS A RAVE AND A RANT. My rave is for the wonderful lunch (program) that they have at the (Augusta) Common every other Thursday. ... There's a musician out there each time, and they just work their little old heads off trying to entertain us, and there were only a handful of people. ... I don't understand. Now, my rant is for the people who work downtown and don't want to get out and even sit in this nice, wonderful area and listen to our local musicians.

EVERYBODY'S COMPLAINING about the trucks on Columbia Road. Thank goodness for the trucks that dump the trash. Columbia County does not provide any way to pick up our limbs, trees, whatever, and if it wasn't for that dump on Columbia Road, we would have absolutely no place to put them.

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