Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


HOW CAN OUR state leaders even possibly consider $300,000 in emergency funding for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame when our PeachCare for children is in such dire need of funding? Where in the world are our priorities? Golf fan? No! Grandmother and taxpayer who pays her share of PeachCare insurance? Yes!

I READ YOUR HEADLINE "Homeland Security equips two agencies" and I had to laugh out loud. So far, Homeland Security has only proven it can waste zillions of taxpayers' money while achieving no security results. They don't even deport obvious illegals.

RE: AUGUSTA HOUSING project dispute. Only modern politicians can believe that the cure for dangerous neighborhoods is "bus tours, TV appearances and town hall meetings."

FLORIDA RESTORES FELONS' civil rights, "moving from a darker past." That "darker past" had far less crime. So which is darker?

BEING BIBLICALLY ILLITERATE has once again shown itself in an ignorant rant. Jesus made water into something better than it was originally. Just as when we ask Him into our lives, we become better human beings. This was Jesus' first miracle, and it has a very deep meaning when understood.

WHY SHOULD THE LIKES of Charles Walker get special treatment and even be allowed to have another bond hearing or appeals hearing? He doesn't deserve more than anybody else.

RYAN B. WILL TALK AS long as people listen, and as long as advertisers continue to buy space on the program. One way to stop hate: Don't listen to it. When advertisers quit buying and listeners quit listening, somebody will have to figure out in dollars and cents if hate is really worth the cost or not. If the price of hate gets too high, everyone will realize it's costing too much and will buy and listen elsewhere.

THE ISSUE IS NOT whether the Democrats or Republicans can do it right. Each has had the chance, and look what we have. The issue is that they, the right and the left, are not capable of agreeing upon timely, well-thought out governance that uses the best ideas available.

WE ARE DOOMED by our elected officials dragging their feet. It is probably too late to do anything about illegal immigration.

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