Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


I HAVE A BIG RANT for teen clubs. They are open entirely too late. To cut down on some of the crime, I think these clubs should open around 7 p.m. and close at 11 p.m.

I HAVE A BIG RANT for the owner who opened that teen club back up off of North Leg. Wrong Idea. ... The club can't control the teens inside, so how can you control the outside is my point.

NORTH AUGUSTA RESIDENTS, call in the tag number of the boom box cars that continuously go up and down the road in our neighborhood, shaking our walls. Call the police and they will take action.

I JUST WANTED TO express my appreciation for the excellent customer service that was provided to me from Keisha Sullivan at the Optical Center at Fort Gordon.

I WANT TO RAVE ABOUT the officer that was consoling Eli Ford on the front page of The Augusta Chronicle. Nobody has said anything about the policeman. And I think that was really touching.

I ENJOYED READING Monday's Your Business section on Ann Taylor. I have only seen Ms. Taylor once and found her to be a very friendly person. Just like the story by Laura Youngs said.

GOOD LUCK TO THE person ranting about the trash and music going up and down their streets. I live in the Silvercrest subdivision and I have called the Richmond County Sheriff's Department a minimum of 50 times over several years, and we still have the boom-boomers.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE to say to Augusta Chronicle and the elderly people that have wisdom, I think that it's time to close the case on that child's death in Grovetown. Let the grief settle with the family. The media likes to drag stuff on and on. My heart goes out to them, and may God be with them. I think enough has been said. Let the family be.

I THINK THESE PEOPLE have suffered enough from their tragic loss. Please let them grieve in peace. Sometimes it's better to end the news story and have consideration for those left living.

DON'T PEOPLE in Augusta know how to stop driving everybody bonkers? I go the speed limit, I obey the law and I'm tired of people riding my bumper. Please, please! Next time somebody rides my bumper, I'm going to go slower! Stop it! Don't be in such a hurry so you can get there safely. Stop doing it.

THIS RANT is for the Richmond County school district. I am not from this area, but Richmond County has the worst school system that I have ever had to deal with. When you have to speak with someone at the Board of Education, you can never reach them unless it's over the phone. They will not even take the time to speak with you in person. That is just not professional to me.