Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS a rant for the person who spoke about building low-income homes in the South Augusta area. Some of us raised our children the right way, so you should think about that. We are not all the same when it comes to the stereotypes.

TO THE LADY WHO voted against the Sunday alcohol sale as a woman and a Christian: Does she know that Jesus turned water into wine?

BUSH URGES PATIENCE on war effort. While we are being patient there are sons, brothers, husbands and fathers dying over there. We should get out. If the bad guys take over and threaten world peace, go over there and blow them off the face of the earth.

I WANT TO SAY to the parents out there of toddlers and small children, hold on tight to your children. Hold them in your arms and never let them leave your sight.

TO THE COMMISSIONERS and people, lets not get James Brown all tackied up. I think a good idea would be to get a museum with all his outfits and things in there. Let's think about that.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE James Brown's statue look cluttered. The ideas are just too much and even though it may bring people to see it, it's just unnecessary. That area is going to be so overcrowded with people going all in the street and it's just not necessary. We have shown that Augusta is proud of him and I think that we have done enough. Maybe a museum would be nice but that's about it.

WHY SHOULD SOME crook like Charles Walker be granted bond and walking the street, while innocent people sit in jail by crooked judges that were just making a name for themselves? They deserve to be turned free but not Charles Walker.

BEFORE ATKINS AND Howard became Richmond County board members, their children attended private school. But now they attend C.T. Walker. I guess that's one of the privileges that comes with the job, because my children have been on the so-called list for years. Either get another school or start being fair, because this was very questionable.

MY 20-YEAR-OLD son, who just got back from Iraq, was arrested St. Patrick's Day for underage drinking. You mean to tell me you're old enough to go fight and die for your country but you can't come back and drink a beer and celebrate? My God!

IF TERRORISTS ARE MESSING with our food supply, they got me. My dog and cat are my comforters, and peanut butter is my comfort food.

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