Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


NOT BEING FROM the South, I am wondering if it is a status symbol to have the most unlicensed and inoperative vehicles in your yard.

I HAVE TO GIVE a rave to the Fox 54 News at 10 anchors, as well as the weathermen. They give me a pleasant ending to my day with their lighthearted reporting and banter. It's nice to go to bed after having a good chuckle rather than the gloom and doom from regular news reporting.

A RANT FOR ALL judges out there who don't put the wellbeing of children first when they keep giving mothers on drugs chance after chance while the fathers play baby sitter. Fathers have rights, too, and the child has a right to a safe and happy life!

THIS ADMINISTRATION IS plenty arrogant. They don't need any arrogance lesson from your editor (The "Kick Me" Administration). Not only does the president appoint U.S. attorneys at his pleasure, he even takes us to war at his pleasure.

JUST WONDERING WHY no one who actually is in support of Tom Beck was given a chance to weigh in. Mr. Beck is a diplomatic, educated and a well-respected member of the recreation profession. No one else is more qualified as the director of that department, but Tom Beck. Maybe the ones pointing the fingers at him should be looked into for their behavior on the job.

TO THE POOR gentlemen with the $300 gas bill: Yes, the gas companies are completely unsympathetic about bills. But also check to make sure someone did not tap onto your gas lines somehow. After three months of several hundred dollars extra of gas, I finally got someone from the gas company to check and they noted a line was "connected" to mine. But the gas company refused to do anything about the other person, even though in tapping into my line, the other person skipped having paid hook-up charges, etc. I had to pay to have the other person unconnected. And I had to go through legal channels to persuade this thief to pay off those hundreds of dollars back to me. Good luck!

IF TOM BECK IS to be punished, why not Robert Howard? Howard's the second in command. Also the one who had tried to use free labor for (former state Sen. Charles) Walker's fish fry - a private affair, where Walker had to be charged back for the labor costs. Why isn't the second in command involved at all?

ON THE SPIRIT CREEK ROAD area there was some road work done, and for some dumb reason, the manhole covers have been raised so high, it's terrible, I guess the city of Augusta wants to get sued for this because if someone hits one of these manhole covers, it will either bust a tire or really do some serious damage to a vehicle. These things need to get fixed!

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