Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


I KNOW WHY PEOPLE are not using their turn signals now. They are using their cell phones.

THE THINGS THAT have happened at Walter Reed are just a small example of what's happened to our country under this current administration. The hospital that our soldiers are going to and also the border is a mess. Promises, promises, and nothing getting done. This administration has just gone to the dogs. I pray that everybody will fight this issue.

I AGREE WITH THE PERSON who said that the Medical College of Georgia building department don't know how to fill out for Social Security, Medicare and Bluecross insurance. Doctors and University hospitals as well as private practices don't charge anymore than what they collect. I would like to know why MCG charges more.

ON MONDAY MORNING, I saw a beige or white Acura cut a van off in North Augusta. I thought to myself, he should be prosecuted. Then I saw his tag said solicitor. He was a prosecutor.

THESE ELECTED OFFICIALS in the Atlanta office should put the ashtrays back on the table in the restaurants before election time. If not, they're going to be voted out of office. We are free Americans that have fought for this country, and we want our rights protected. It's our right to smoke if we want to.

AUTHORITIES LOOKING INTO Walter Reed Veterans Hospital also need to look into the local veterans hospital here. The patients wait hours to be seen by two or three doctors because all are required to check in at the same time.

I'M STILL WAITING to see a complete list of the Academy Award winners and nominees.

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