Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS IN REGARDS to the rant that I saw about the Augusta Regional airport and them having a problem about reservations. I wonder if she has looked at her calendar, because there are only 30 days in the month of April and she was trying to make the reservation for the 31st.

I JUST WANTED TO make a rant because I think it's pretty bad when the city of Augusta goes out to Tennessee and South Carolina and buys new investigative cars when they should keep the money in the city.

MAYBE I DON'T KNOW about economics, but I wish someone would explain to me why our local government would go outside the area to purchase new police cars.

THIS IS THE RAVE for solicitor Barbara Morgan for taking the initiative to try and save our future, which are our children. I think it's a good idea to have mothers that are on drugs to be on birth control pills so that the children can have a future. We need more like her, so kudos.

LET THE COPS DRIVE fast because they keep the traffic going. If an officer is going the speed limit, nobody will pass him and that is ridiculous. So, let them drive as fast as they want to. The same people that are complaining about them speeding are the same ones that complain when traffic is backed up.

BARBARA MORGAN WAS correct and has done the best thing I have done in years, by saying that drug-addicted mothers should take birth control pills. ... We have enough abused and hurt babies in the world. I have seen the effects of these drugs when I see the babies being born basically a vegetable and most not having a chance to live.

BEFORE THEY SPEND one more dollar, the Downtown Development Authority needs to go back to the drawing board because it doesn't matter how much you pay for the slogan if the slogan is no good. Since it's going to be the centerpiece of everything, it needs to be right. You can save money that way.

THIS IS A RANT for Commissioner Marion Williams, who made the statement "You may not like us, but you need to respect us." You have to earn respect of the people, and he has not done that.

I READ THAT SOME OF the judges are having problems with the new child support laws and that they have to get use to it. Isn't that their job and aren't there new laws passed almost everyday?

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Cross Creek Home Economics class for winning the cooking contest. The students are fortunate to have Mr. Oglesby. He is not just a good teacher but a mentor to his pupils.

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