Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


I'M CALLING ABOUT the PeachCare program. Yes, we need the PeachCare program. And all the money that they're sending to Iraq and all these other places in the world, why not give it to PeachCare in the United States, where it's most needed?

REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS Abe Lincoln and Herbert Hoover gave us the Civil War and the Great Depression. Will Republican President George Bush cause another depression or something even worse by starting a war that should never have been?

LAST WEEK AUGUSTA Lynx Manager Dan Troutman was complaining about low walk-up ticket sales. This week he announced that prices for walk-up ticket sales will go up next season. Yeah, Dan, that'll really pack those seats full.

WHAT IS THE LEGAL POINT of Tomi Rae being James Brown's wife? Why is it that she is the widow? What is the legal aspects of who she really is? What is going on with that?

YOU KNOW, IT'S SO SIMPLE. If everybody would be responsible for their own trash and put it where it belongs we wouldn't have all this litter everywhere. So just pick up after yourself instead of throwing it on the ground. Find a trash can and put your litter where it belongs. Don't throw it out of your car window. Put it in a trash can. Be responsible. This is our town. Keep it looking decent. Not just during the Masters Tournament, but all year long.

NOW WE CAN GIVE our dogs gourmet food and dress them in designer clothes, but we still haven't figured out how to feed and take care of the homeless. You tell me what is wrong here. We are in a very, very sick society.

AFTER WATCHING the disaster George W. Bush has made in Iraq, it seems that we should apologize to France and to the Dixie Chicks. They were right after all.

IT WAS WONDERFUL to see in the newspaper where the schools are visiting the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers Uptown Division. These gentlemen helped keep our country free. They're the very reason that we're able to speak as we please and do as we please. So many people tend to forget it. Just a handshake means so much to them. I've been down there. I know that. And we should spend a little more time down there. Some of them have nobody. And just to see a face come in and smile at them means so much. Let's try to be nicer to our veterans in the hospital.

THE DIXIE CHICKS certainly have a right to say whatever they want and to disagree with the Bush administration. We also have a right not to listen to their music, buy their records or listen to the stations that play them. There are soldiers in America dying for those rights.

RICHMOND COUNTY, please place litter bags at all service stations in Augusta. And encourage all people to use them and not the streets for trash. And arrest those who litter.

LISTEN UP, PEOPLE. I don't care if the Dixie Chicks bash the president or disagree with our elected leaders. But it's just bad taste to go traipsing all over foreign countries and bashing your country's leaders. That's just poor taste.

HATS OFF TO OUR NEIGHBOR and citizen who spotted the local graffiti punk taking pictures of his crimes and therefore helped cops bring about his capture and arrest.

ALL THESE PEOPLE that are finding out that money is missing in different business just shows that somebody isn't doing their job. We the taxpayers should not have to pay for their loss. And what about the taxes that haven't been collected? Somebody needs to wake up and smell the roses and if an official is caught stealing money, they should be fired immediately and serve jail time. If you are going to represent me, then you need to do an honest job and be an honest person. Even if all the people under you are not watching, God is.