Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


IF BARACK OBAMA is elected president, it is because people are tired of the status quo, the same old runaround and double talk that our government has become, that our politicians have become. Our government is way past due for an overhaul. We need politicians who represent the people, not big-money interests. We need a fresh look at our future and at who we choose to handle our interests.

POLITICIANS SHOULD NOT be deciding what our troops in Iraq need or don't need. That is a decision that should be left up to those qualified and trained to do such. The soldiers and their leaders in Iraq, they are the ones closest to the situation and best able to conclude what is necessary to put an end to our involvement. Taking that power away from our generals and putting it in the hands of a Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi or any other power-hungry politico is a big mistake. Give our military a little credit ... they are the ones really paying the price for this war.

A RANT TO THE person who called the Dixie Chicks traitors. You are the traitor. Just because somebody says something you don't like, you think they ought to be in jail. What kind of American are you? A Nazi-American? You and the rest of your kind are the ones who need to leave our great country, and the sooner the better.

I WANT TO RANT about our American flag being flown over the X-Mart on Gordon Highway. It is a disgrace to all Americans. It is battered, torn and dirty. It needs to be removed. I am proud of our country, and that is not the way our flag is supposed to be displayed. If I could, I would remove it myself.

I SAW THAT PLAY Always Patsy Cline, and the woman who played Patsy Cline was extraordinary. I felt like I had spent the evening with the real Patsy Cline. It was fabulous!

I CAN'T BELIEVE what a wonderful show that play Always Patsy Cline was. The two ladies who made it great were so talented. I just wanted to give them a rave.

I AGREE THAT THE Augusta airport's big new building is not needed; better fares are.

FEDERAL FACILITIES DID not lower the flag to half-staff in honor of congressman Charlie Norwood's death. Why? He was a big supporter of the Savannah River Site.

RAVE FOR THE ASU basketball team for its Peach Belt Conference championship.

HMM, RECORD SNOWFALL amounts, record number of days below freezing and record wind chill factors. Explain global warming one more time.

HERE'S A RAVE TO Jay Leno, who hit the nail on the head in his monologue when he said, "They're gearing up for the Democratic National Convention - or as we call it in L.A., the Oscars."

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