Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THE COLUMBIA COUNTY Commission is going to waste $75,000 on a feasibility study on a new arena. We are getting to be just like Richmond County and I don't like it.

WHAT IS THE Georgia law on dogs or pets? The Georgia law used to state that it was against the law to have an unleashed pet running loose.

I HAVE A RANT FOR George Bush. He talks about supporting the troops, and then he said that he is going to cut their medical benefits as soon as they get back from Iraq. Nice plan and thanks, George Bush, for so-called supporting the troops.

I'M AMAZED AT why a local radio station that professes to be the leader of local news, was 30 minutes late announcing the death of Congressman Charlie Norwood. Obviously they had to wait and hear the news on the national newscast before they broadcast the passing of Norwood.

THIS IS A RANT FOR whomever votes on the Grammy awards. It was a waste of a Grammy to award the Dixie Chicks anything except a one-way ticket to nowhere. I don't personally know anybody that likes them and I don't, either. I am embarrassed that they are from the United States of America and I'm not ready today or tomorrow to make nice, either.

IT'S A REAL PAIN when some dog owners leave their animals' deposit where they drop. That's on sidewalks and worse of all, on your lawn. It is simply not good manners to let your dog leave its waste in places where people live. Droppings can spread disease and parasites to other pets and even to humans. If you see someone doing this, please call animal control and they will take care of these people.

DID OUR CITY LEADERS offer the Norwood family the use of the civic center for public viewing and to show our respects?

THIS IS A RANT FOR the person responding to Richmond County officers being allowed to drive fast. At 3:30 a.m., with no signals, lights, or sirens, I saw one going 65 miles per hour down Wrightsboro Road. He shouldn't have been going that fast to get doughnuts. Augusta is not a 24-hour town.

I AM SICK AND TIRED of the way Columbia County treats kids with ADHD. Because they score too high on tests, they are denied assistance in school. Teachers keep saying little Johnny needs to behave like the rest of the class. That's like telling a mother of a paralyzed child that their child needs to walk like the rest of the class. Believe me, if these children could be like everybody else they would. If Columbia County won't come up with a solution on helping these children, then they need to stop punishing them for something that is out of their control.

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