Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS A BIG RAVE for the Columbia County animal control. We recently had a lost dog and they were so helpful and so considerate. We had a chance to go in and tour their facility and they are so friendly with all the animals and we just appreciate Columbia County animal control and the job that they do and thank you so much for all your compassion and your help in finding our lost pet.

PEOPLE OUGHT not to allow their dogs to use other people's yards for potty purposes.

I WAS WATCHING the Grammys last night and every American watching it ought to be sick to their stomach. Those traitors, the Dixie Chicks, received awards and were applauded for degrading our country. They should be in jail, not receiving awards for musical exhibitions, whatever they call what they do.

ATTENDED THE Augusta Ballet's WinterWorks performance on Feb. 1 - Spellbinding!

OK, WE LOST A COUPLE of choppers in Iraq. That should be it. Time to give up, bring the troops home now and throw ourselves on the mercy of the Islamo-fanatics. Maybe they'll let some of us live.

DOWNTOWN AUGUSTA should try to develop a new retail, dinning and entertainment district for the area. A new James Brown Museum would be a good place to start. Locate it between Telfair Street and Walton Way. I would use the Augusta Canal as the centerpiece and develop around it.

TO THE MAN who stole my purse and broke into another car on Friday afternoon on Belair Road. I hope your tires fall off and your heater don't work. Just remember you better watch your back. Mama is mad and my dog is even madder. Get a job!

A RANT to Richmond County government. I think if the city of Augusta would like to erect a tribute to James Brown, they should think of something a tad less cheesy. Bright lights around his statue and a pay jukebox featuring Mr. Brown's music is really classless and Mr. Brown deserves better than that. This idea just goes to show you the mentality of Richmond County government. Why not open a museum downtown featuring all those things and more? Lord knows there are plenty of empty buildings to choose from! I'd go! And so wouldn't a lot of other people!

BOTTOM LINE. We invaded a country and we use torture. This is wrong.

A HUGE RAVE to Dave who witnessed my car being hit last Saturday in the parking lot at Sportsman's Link. This young man stayed with us until the police arrived and even bought us a soda while we waited. Kudos to Dave for being such a nice person.

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