Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


WASHINGTON, D.C., and the state of Maryland have a solution for those who run red lights. A ticket is automatically sent to the registered owner of the vehicle that commits the offense. This is something that should be instigated in Georgia.

IF A FORM OF CERVICAL cancer is caused by sexual activity, then the male is the one who passes the germ to the woman. Why don't health professionals treat all young men instead of making young girls take a shot to prevent the possibility of the disease?

THIS IS A RANT ABOUT the article on the murals downtown. I think the murals are very appropriate, and although some do need to be touched up, I think that would be a better way to go than removing them completely. As for the comment that the paintings aren't needed to spruce up the downtown area, I think that's completely wrong. I think they are a really added touch for visitors as well as people who live here to look at.

A JUKEBOX and flashing lights at the James Brown statue downtown would be so tacky. Please, Augusta, do not do that.

DEKE COPENHAVER and former Mayors Charles DeVaney, Bob Young and countless others would've acted in the same manner as the mayor of New York when the twin towers were attacked. Does that mean these gentlemen have what it takes to be the president of the United States?

IN RESPONSE to the comment about disrespectful punks torturing elderly people in a local neighborhood: That's another good reason we shouldn't outlaw guns. We senior citizens can't duke it out with young, insolent thugs, but we can still shoot. Senior citizens need an equalizer, like a handgun, so that we aren't at the mercy of people who have no mercy.

I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYBODY politic so early before election. But then, everybody's not for Hillary Clinton, and I certainly wish they would leave her off of there for a while and let us have a rest.

RAVE FOR CAL RIPKEN JR. He's supporting the Augusta area; now it's time for the Augusta area to support the GreenJackets.

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