Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


IT'S PRETTY OBVIOUS to me that whoever designed the flow of traffic in and out of the Greenbrier schools does not have children enrolled there.

INSTEAD OF GETTING new cars to catch speeders, please try to do the following first: (1) Make an effort to catch speeders when a neighborhood continuously calls about speeding; (2) ticket all the people who run stop signs and red lights; (3) spend more time on the interstate using the radar.

IN RESPONSE TO the nonsmoker. If I ride in a nonsmoker's car, I do not smoke. If a nonsmoker rides with me, I ask before I light up. So get over it.

FOR EVERY STUDENT who fails, there is a parent or parents who have failed to take responsibility for their child's education. When was the last time that you volunteered to help in your child's class?

I WAS JUST WONDERING if we have forgotten what actually happened to our country on 9-11. Innocent people died for absolutely no reason. Why is it that President Bush is trying to punish the people who did this to our country and no one is behind him?

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