Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


IF THE DRUG ADDICT down the street forced you to take drugs every time he did, is that his freedom? All smokers force nonsmokers to take part in their addiction. You are putting a gun to our heads.

WOODY MERRY IS only looking out for the people in Augusta. We haven't had a watchdog in a long time. I think he's ruffled a few feathers of some local politicians who are used to driving roughshod over the citizens.

IF HILLARY IS ELECTED president, I'm moving to a little-known island in the Pacific.

I WOULD LIKE TO send a rave to the two female officers at Doctors Hospital who were so pleasant and nice while we were there. My granddaughter was in the burn unit and every day the officers would stop by see if we needed anything and asked how she was doing. They even got her to smile when Grandpa couldn't.

KUDOS TO THE coliseum authority for not joining with Champ Walker's event named about the Godfather. No way can the city trust Walker at all! Our city needs to take time to properly plan for a fitting event in honor of Mr. Brown, perhaps a small museum in Brown's honor at the old Lenox Theatre site.

IN RESPONSE TO THE RANT about student and teacher failure, most teachers would acknowledge their own failure when students fail. All teachers, however, have completed college, have obtained a steady job, have likely completed an advanced degree and have definitely spent hours in courses and workshops in an effort to motivate even the lazy, arrogant, ignorant kids blessed with adoring but uninvolved parents. Just who needs to shape up here?

ACCORDING to the U.S. Census bureau, Augusta has been steadily declining in population and at present it is at 195,769. Augusta needs to realize its situation and make some changes to how it operates. This is not good for business.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the rant about the skate shoes. I, too, am very tired of seeing them. I was in a crowded grocery store and this child zoomed past me, nearly knocking me and my child over.

FROM THE PARENT WHO wrote every student who fails, there is a teacher who fails: I have spent time in the classrooms. I have to keep on my child's teacher about different things and all I hear are excuses from the teacher and the principal. ... The entire school system is failing.

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