Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


HOW RIDICULOUS is it for the Augusta Commission to reject a local contractor's bid for a demolition project that is $250,000 cheaper and award it to a contractor from Atlanta? Anyone in his right mind would try to accept a bid that is a quarter-million dollars lower, not look for a reason to reject it. Here the city is with a budget crisis, wanting a drag strip, and it wastes $250,000 of the taxpayers' money. Brilliant.

TO THE INDIVIDUAL in Friday's Rants & Raves section, complaining about Woody Merry: He's looking out for the people because the Augusta Commission isn't.

I AM A SMOKER, but I try to be a responsible smoker. I don't smoke around nonsmokers, especially children, and I try not to throw my cigarette butts on the ground. In this day and age, when cigarette smokers are in the minority, common sense dictates respect for those who don't smoke, using good manners and not defacing the environment. Smoking is my vice, but I still get annoyed by people talking as though all smokers are the same.

I THINK IT'S A disgusting shame how the city allowed Augusta Public Transit to cut services. Now traveling on that bus system is hazardous to your safety, especially on the Washington Road, Augusta Mall, Turpin Hill/Southgate and east Augusta routes. People are standing all over each other, sitting on the floors, etc. The buses hold 18 to 25 people tops, but are now carrying 40 to 50 at a time. Oh, yes, only poor people ride the buses, so it doesn't matter.

DUNCAN FORDHAM WAS a good and decent man, and still is. I hope his wife wins this Medicaid appeal. If you think Mr. Fordham is guilty, that is your right, but no one should be punished for the sins of another. All of you people who don't want Ms. Fordham to win this battle, look at it this way: This little woman had the guts to stand up to the government. Do you?

TO THE PARENT who wrote, "For every student who fails, there is also a teacher who fails": You forgot one important variable - the parent also fails.

THIS IS A RANT to the people who schedule the trains. It seems the trains run when I am trying to go to work, get back to work from lunch and trying to get home after work. Do you think this is done on purpose?

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