Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS ABOUT THE people who are interfering in Mr. and Ms. Brown's marriage. People should realize that he had ample time, if he wasn't happy, to do something about it, and he didn't.

THIS IS A HUGE RAVE to the Hephzibah Rebels and coach Lawson. I just want to congratulate y'all for a job well done.

AUGUSTA NEEDS TO come together with "Flash" Gordon and learn to get along because James Brown wanted that.

I LIVE IN NORTH AUGUSTA and I have two raves. The first is for the bookmobile that comes up to my apartments. Tracy and Adam are fantastic, knowledgeable and professional. My other rave is for the North Augusta Publix pharmacy. The people are super kind.

I WANT TO SAY THAT the Blue Horse music hall was a great idea because Augusta is ready for quality entertainment. But whoever put that plan together put too much money into recording equipment. They should have taken that money and used it to get real talent.

SUPERVISION FAILURE by recreation director Tom Beck paved the way for all problems at Augusta Municipal golf course and the arrest of manager Guy Reid.

I WANT TO KNOW, isn't there a law that if dogs have to be put on a leash, then shouldn't cats, too? To those in south Augusta, if you have a cat running loose, please do something about it.

YOU ARE AN IDIOT to say that James Brown's funeral was not worth $48,000. Look at the international exposure; hotels, motels, and food venues tripled their income. You need to shut up.

I LOST MY WALLET. I received a letter from the post office saying it was there. Thank you to whoever turned it in. There are still honest people in the world. God bless you.