Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS A RAVE for the lady who turned my purse in to Kroger after I left it in the cart. Thank you so much. God was looking after me. God bless you.

THIS IS A RANT TO the persons who wrote in about how it was not fair for Augusta to pay for Mr. Brown's funeral: Apparently you did not have a problem with paying for a trip around the U.S. for Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, can the citizens of Augusta please rant and rave about something other than James Brown? He was a great entertainer and I am sorry that he passed away. However, if you feel the need to stick your nose in his family's personal issues, then turn on the TV to Jerry Springer. Get a hobby.

IN THE COURT OF public opinion it seems that a lot of you have weighed in on the James Brown and Tomi Rae issue. I'm not taking sides, but I think we should all wait to see what the legal system decides before passing any more judgment. After all, no one truly knows what took place except for James Brown and Tomi Rae. And, now it is time for lawyers to dispel fact from fiction.

SOMETHING JUST DOES not add up. Buddy Dallas is a criminal lawyer. That means he knows all the twists and turns. He has yet to show his face on TV. I cannot believe for one second that James Brown would not put little James in his will. It just does not make sense. He called that little boy his son.

DESPITE THE NEGATIVE publicity, a big rave goes out to the staff at the psychiatric hospital. For low pay, little community support, and even at the risk of their own safety, these folks do the best they can with what they have to care for those individuals who are basically rejected by the other hospitals and sometimes by their own families.

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