Regents approve MCG cancer center upgrade

ATLANTA - A multimillion- dollar upgrade of the Cancer Research Center at the Medical College of Georgia won approval Tuesday from the State Board of Regents.


The board signed off on the $5.8 million project with little discussion.

The project is aimed at "building out" the center's second floor, which was left vacant when the facility was built.

Now the college wants to use the 22,245 square feet for office space and laboratories.

The additions would include a "Biosafety Level 3" lab, which is designed to study dangerous and potentially fatal diseases.

The board has to approve construction projects on its campuses, even though MCG said the money would come out of the school's budget.

Several things are left to be done before construction can start. Contractors have to be hired to design and build the inside of the second floor.

The board also easily approved a set of requests for new academic options for students.

Regents approved three new majors for the school's master of science degree. The college said the master's degree option would give students more choice if they want to stop short of a doctorate in vascular biology, molecular medicine or neuroscience.

Students in the program would have to earn 36 hours of credit to get the degree.

The new degrees would not cost the college any extra money, Dr. Dan Rahn told the board.