Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


WHY DO THESE RESTAURANTS have to have the music turned up so loud that you cannot enjoy your meal or relax? I don't understand this.

THIS IS IN REFERENCE to the two rants about Augusta paying for James Brown's funeral: Let me know where you are getting your information.

I HAVE A RAVE for the Breezehill neighborhood association. I would like to thank them for the great time we had at the Christmas fellowship. Thank you.

I THINK YOU SHOULD change the name from Rants & Raves to James Brown and Tomi Rae Rants & Raves. It's boring to read it anymore. We used to get a variety.

WHEN JAMES BROWN sang Georgia on My Mind , it was always with so much feeling. I could tell that he was sick. He knew he was getting ready to leave this Earth because he was calling friends and family and letting them know certain things. His family should have been there when he passed. I love and miss him, and I wish I had had the chance to personally meet him. To the children: You only have one father, so you should have been there. Augusta should be his burial site, and I think that is what he would have wanted.

I HAVE A RANT for everyone who keeps writing in about James Brown, his daughters and Tomi Rae. It's not any of our business. Please stay out of their lives and their family business.

I WAS WATCHING something on the news about a person under the age of 18 who was charged with robbery as an adult. You can't charge someone that is underage that way. Just because it is an adult crime, you cannot do that. Their mind is not definite until the age of 19 or 20 years old. They cannot think rationally yet. You can ask any health advocate about this.

RAVES TO DR. MELVYN L. HAAS, who wrote a letter to the editor concerning James Brown. He's a doctor, and I'm glad he brought out what he did concerning Mr. Brown's last moments. I'm just an ordinary citizen, but I wanted to know, too. Where were the emergency workers, and why wasn't he in intensive care? He obviously wasn't getting good care.

THERE ARE PEOPLE who are saying that they are tired of hearing about James Brown. Well, if you quit calling and writing about it and saying what you don't like about it, then we wouldn't have any rants about the situation. You tell other people to get over it. Practice what you preach.

IT'S AMAZING HOW EASY it is to criticize people who have the ball in their court, such as President Bush, Tomi Rae Brown, etc. People say that they wouldn't know what to do if they were in their shoes. You are not in their shoes, so give them some credit.

A BIG RANT to Health Central for painting over the beautiful murals near the walking track done by local artists. Shame on you.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the article about adaptive sports for our young people in Richmond County schools. We hear so much about the wrong things that the schools in Richmond County are doing. Thanks to the county for providing this outlet for disabled students.