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Rainier Ehrhardt/Staff
Jack Hart speaks with Joyce Jackson as they count ticket stubs during an event at James Brown Arena. Mr. Hart, who spent 25 years with the Air Force, is retired but works part time as a security guard. Mrs. Jackson is a part-time door supervisor.

Although retired, Jack Hart is a busy man. You'll find him in the shadows at James Brown Arena during almost every event held there. For the past six years, he has worked part time at the pass gate where he checks in all event staff who come in to work.


"We shake hands and talk, then they take their position," he said. "For a few of us it's a part-time job, but for the majority of the employees it's a second job. After working an eight- to 10-hour day on a regular job, the event staff, operations staff, concession staff all do an outstanding job in making the people coming to these shows enjoy their evening out."

Part of Mr. Hart's duties includes counting ticket stubs for an event.

"After everybody has come into the arena, then the tickets come down and Joyce Jackson and I count them," he said.

The duo tallies everything by hand, making stacks of 100 to make counting easier.

Retired twice, Mr. Hart spent 25 years with the Air Force as a jet fighter controller technician, then worked as a district sales manager for Shoe World. But it was when he started working as a child advocate that he began working at the arena to make some extra money.

"It started with something to do," he said.

For Mr. Hart, it's a way to keep occupied.

"There are no perks, like free tickets," he said. "Every two weeks you get paid, that's your perk."

"It always fascinates me to watch the operations staff take a hockey rink and turn it around," he said.

The hockey ice stays on the floor of the arena during the entire Lynx season, even during the Futurity. During the recent funeral for James Brown at the arena, the operations staff had to tear the stage and seating down and set up for a Lynx game the next day.

"They do an outstanding job," Mr. Hart said.

"I just enjoy myself there," he said. "I've met a lot of exceptionally nice people, and I look forward to going in to work."