Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS A VERY big rave for the lady that was in Harbor Inn restaurant Dec. 31 at lunchtime. My mother and I went there after church and she came to our table and told my mother that she reminded her so much of her grandmother that she just had to come over and speak to her and she put some money in her hand and told her that was to help pay for her lunch. You said your grandmother was in heaven. I know she is very proud of you. May God bless you and your family.

I HAVE A RAVE FOR Richmond County Deputy Cam Darling, who saved me from a frightening experience on Thursday night before Christmas. I was driving onto Bobby Jones Expressway when I had a blowout on the front driver's side of my car. It was dark and raining; cars were driving by in a Christmas rush and I was alone. Deputy Darling came to my rescue and was so pleasant about it all. I thank him so much.

IT'S ABOUT TIME. Marion Williams has hindered the growth of Augusta long enough. May Mrs. Beard do a better job. Augusta needs growth.

THE TAX AND SPEND folks are back in charge. Open your wallet and say, "Ouch!"

THIS IS NOT A RANT or rave, but simply a laugh at what the people of Augusta, Ga., have to say every day. Please, is there anything else you people have to gripe about? Be thankful you're still alive and that our country is still semi-functioning. Seriously, some of the stuff in the newspaper is a trip. Use your minds for something else besides foolishness.

IS IT JUST ME, or is the eastern side of North Augusta looking a lot like Mexico?

A GREAT, BLESSED rave for Beasley Broadcasting. We finally have great gospel music on WGUS-FM for the entire CSRA.

HEADLINE: "NATION prepares for final goodbye" for Ford. "Final?!" It seems it'll never be final. When will we learn that politicians are not kings? And when will politicians learn?

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA to hold Carter conference. It'll be "historic" all right, for bringing together a long list of losers.

A BIG RAVE FOR TOMI Rae on Larry King. She was hilarious! But she does need to work on her "crying" a little bit.

I HAVE A RAVE AND a rant for Al Sharpton. The rave is for the great job he did for the James Brown funeral. The rant is for having Dick Gregory step up on that stage. Dick Gregory did not show any respect for James Brown. What James Brown has done over the years to bring everyone together, Dick Gregory tore down in just a few minutes. All Dick Gregory did was spew out hatred.

THIS IS A RANT TO Jesse Jackson and Dick Gregory. Watching the services on TV, I noticed Jesse Jackson never had a facial expression, just the same old sour look he always wears. But when Dick Gregory came on stage and spoke his civil rights hatred, Jesse's face lit up and he actually smiled and laughed. Anyone who laughed at Dick Gregory's remarks still has hatred in their hearts.

A RANT FOR THE politician whose ego got the country mired in another war. Republicans are good at starting war, but it takes a Democrat to finish it.

POOR LARRY KING: He seemed to believe every word. Now we know why he has gone through so many failed marriages.

I WILL BE GLAD WHEN they build the drag strip. I am tired of dead Augusta, I want Augusta to be alive. I will have a place for excitement, so hurry up and build the drag strip. Have a happy new year.

I HOPE THAT AUGUSTA realizes that the whole nation is watching us and not just for the Masters.