Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


SADDAM HUSSEIN was executed for bringing and causing death and destruction to Iraq and his people. If this was justice for Saddam Hussein and Iraq, then what is justice for George W. Bush and the U.S.? I believe that it is sinful to wish death upon anyone, but America needs justice now. I hope the new Democrats will impeach Bush and all of his warhawks and get the U.S. out of that lost-cause Iraq.

JAMES BROWN WAS a caring man with a good heart, but he did not stop the 1970 race riot in Augusta. He may have appealed, along with several others, to cease rioting, but the arrival of the National Guard in battle dress uniforms actually stopped the chaos. Gov. Lester Maddox sent the National Guard into the middle of the riot in armored vehicles with orders to shoot to kill if fired upon. The Guard and the Augusta Police Department cleared the streets and enforced a cooling-down period. James Brown did enough good without giving him credit for things he didn't do.

JAMES BROWN'S massive memorial - what a great opportunity for Augusta to come together regardless of race. Unfortunately, it appears that this has instead turned out to be a chance for people to maintain the division through songs about black power, reminders that Mr. Brown didn't feel as good as others because of race, and reminders of the race riots of the '70s. What a shame.

THIS IS A RANT for Buddy Dallas. He has proved that his reputation as a "bottom feeder" is true. His treatment of Tomi Rae and James Jr. was deplorable, tacky and surely raises questions about Mr. Dallas' interests.

I THINK IT WAS A SHAME that many of the people who were at Mr. Brown's funeral weren't even dressed in proper attire. It looked more like a concert than a service.

YOUR NEWSPAPER OVERDID the coverage of James Brown's death, especially Sunday's front page. Who wants to see a man in his casket, on Page One? This man was only an entertainer. Though talented, he did not deserve this coverage.

THIS IS A RANT to the entertainment and music industries. It was very disturbing to see the lack of celebrity support and turnout for James Brown's memorial service. There are countless entertainers who either performed with Mr. Brown or benefited from sampling his music (R&B and hip hop). There were only two major industry names in attendance. Big raves go to Michael Jackson and MC Hammer. Thanks for showing what appreciation, support, respect and class are all about.

WHILE I WAS SITTING at the kitchen table this morning eating egg, grits and linked deer sausages, my wife read me a rant from the newspaper. Someone was complaining about the pictures of kids with the deer they killed being in the newspaper, saying it was disgusting. The only thing I have to say about that is I wish my kids hunted so I could have more of these delicious deer sausages.