Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


HOORAY FOR DAVID Moretz and the other volunteers for putting up the Christmas lights downtown!

ANOTHER CHRISTMAS rant. Please stop using those tacky little bags to put presents in. A tree looks so much prettier with wrapped presents with bows on them than with those tacky little bags with colored toilet paper sticking out of them. Plus wrapped presents are so much more fun to open.

I HAVE A RANT for the person or persons that decided to burglarize the Forest Estate area, (off Northleg Drive) by hitting all the homes that have older model cars and trucks parked in their yards, just remember that the items that were stolen are same items that will (get you) caught!

MARION WILLIAMS IS an embarrassment to the city of Augusta. He's uneducated and has a chip on his shoulder toward anyone white. He never contributes anything constructive or productive during the commission meetings, and everything is about him and not the betterment of Augusta.

MANY RAVES FOR THE Christmas decorations in the neighborhood on Flowing Wells Road across from Augusta Prep. It is a delight.

I WOULD LIKE TO PUT a rant in the paper please. To the person complaining about Southerners can't drive and are so stupid they can't use their signal lights. Well, what are you doing down here anyway? If you don't like the South go back up north where you belong.

I HAVE TO SAY something. I just have to say it. Marion Williams is supposed to be a man of God. And I just don't know what God. He's arrogant, he's self-centered and he's greedy.

A.K. HASAN YOU may have been voted out in Super District 9, but here in District 6, Super District 10, I'd be more than happy to vote for you for board of education or county commission. Thank God Andy Cheek and Marion Williams cannot run for office again.

THIS IS A RAVE for Andy Cheek and Commissioner Marion Williams. They have done a great job while they are in there. They are not afraid to tell the truth and to speak up for what is right. A big rave to them. Of course, this may not be printed in The Augusta Chronicle.

THIS IS A RANT for Marion. If he can't get in the racing and concession business, he can always go back to real estate, selling churches. He's good.