Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


A RANT FOR Marion Williams and Betty Beard, who have once more resorted to the schoolyard bully tactic of name-calling. Shame on you two.

WHEN THE WHITE Christmas lights came out a few years ago they were really pretty, but please, enough is enough. Can you please replace your white lights with some colored lights; it is really boring to see white lights on 90 percent of the houses that are decorated.

THE WEATHER CHANNEL regularly reports "Bush Field: No Delays". What they don't tell you is "No Flights."

OK, AUGUSTA, ISN'T the most disappointing thing about the trip that Holland, Beard and Williams took to Reno that they came back? I'd give them the $6,000 just to go away and stay!

I'M DISGUSTED. I just read about the city's plans to drop improvements on the skate park. My son and his friends were very excited about getting a better skate park. The selfish commissioners could have used the money they spent on that Reno trip to finance the skate park, but they don't care about the people or our kids. They're selfish people and I can't wait until election time.

ISN'T AUGUSTA ALREADY polluted with fumes from chemical factories and many others right here in Richmond County? Must we also be polluted from a race track? You know and I know that the fumes are not going to drift straight up and they're not going to just lay flat on the track. They're going to drift all over Richmond County. That, with the noise factor, is going to keep people from even building anywhere out there around that place.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the person who stated that only fat people ride the electric carts in these supermarkets and so forth. Well, that's a bunch of hooey. I've seen skinny people in there. As far as the fat people, you don't know their health conditions. I ride them and I'm overweight. ... I can hardly walk and I'm grateful for the electric carts in the supermarket.

THIS IS A RANT FOR Andy Cheek and Marion Williams. Why do you say you don't understand? We don't need or want a race track. If you like to race, go to South Carolina.

TO HASAN, WHO THINKS that he's going to represent the education in Augusta, Ga., don't you get it, Hasan? The people don't want you as part of the education system in Richmond County. You were voted out.

THIS IS A RANT AGAINST the billboard companies. Why have we got to lose our beautiful trees on the sides of Bobby Jones Expressway and I-20 westbound so that people can see those ugly billboards?

I'VE GOT A COMMENT on the person that made a suggestion about the Regency Mall being a jail. I think what needs to be done to Regency Mall is make it an outlet store. That way Augusta will make a lot of money instead of money leaving, going to Savannah.

THIS IS A RANT FOR the state-employed chaplain who's benefits have been cut back asking for an agency, a.k.a. we the people, to pay for his health insurance. Maybe this is a sign, chaplain, a sign that says get your hand out of my pocket. Get off your rear and go find another job.

MY NEXT-DOOR neighbor had his Christmas ornaments stripped off his outside bush, and then a bunch of animals threw a brick on my front porch. Thankfully I have no decorations outside.

THIS RANT IS FOR the Canal Authority. I've waited 16 years for a boat ramp to be built leading to the Savannah River near the head gates. They have finally built some very steep steps. Let's hope no one gets hurt falling down trying to carry a canoe. How about providing a hoist or something?

YES, I AM A TWIN. Yes, I go out shopping with my sister some days, as do many other people with a sister. I am also an adult. Why do people insist on stopping and asking us if we are twins when we are out together? Why does it matter? Why do you have to know? Will it ruin your day if you don't know the answer? I don't ask you if you are stupid, don't ask me if I am a twin. It's rude, it's not cute and it's really none of your business.

I'M RAVING ABOUT THOSE blow-up decorations. It is amazing to me how quickly we forget we were young once, too. My grandchildren's eyes light up when they pass a decorated home with the blow-up ornaments or lights. They remind me of the Macy's Day Parade, only on a smaller version.

MY RANT IS FOR NOT renewing Richard Rogers' contract. I guess he's not a dirty lowlife enough to have his contract renewed. He's a good guy. You need to think about it.

THIS IS A RANT FOR A.K. Hasan. We have voted you out. We do not want you part of the Richmond County Board of Education. Please go and not fish for another job at the taxpayers' expense.

THIS IS FOR THE state chaplain whose hours have been cut and he has no health insurance. Tell him he could try Project Access at (706) 733-5177. I hope it helps. At least a little.

THIS IS A RANT about the dirty officers that are working down here in Richmond County. Keep going when you keep getting rid of all the dirty ones.

REMEMBER ONE RANTER suggested leg cramps for an enemy. There is help for leg cramps. If you're on your back, simply turn over onto your stomach. Different muscles are used. The blood flows. The pain is gone. And thank the Lord for whoever gave this idea.

I WOULD LIKE TO RAVE about the ditch out in Hyde Park. Why won't the city clean them up? They clean the rest of Hyde Park.

TO THE GENTLEMAN THAT killed Mr. LaBoard, you not only took a mentor for the Augusta Youth Center, you took a friend. You took a brother. But most of all you took an angel.

HAS ANYONE IN AUGUSTA ever thought of dimming their headlights at night to oncoming traffic?

I WAS BLESSED BY an angel in a grocery store in the soup aisle. I started speaking with a lady and we were talking about Christmas and the reason for the season being Jesus Christ and the Lord moved upon her and she came up and gave me, a total stranger, $50 to help me through a needy time. God bless her. She was truly my Christmas angel. Thank you, Miss Cathy.

I HAVE A RANT OR MAYBE a rave for the assistant principal at Murphey Middle School. Why can he wear a belt that's three times the size of any of the children's and yet they take the children's belts from them? What is wrong about this situation? Somebody needs to look into it, if we had a board of education that was willing to do it.

THIS IS A RANT for Marion Williams and Andy Cheek. I agree with the rant in the paper about both of them should be gone. Marion Williams is an uneducated fool. Andy Cheek is a coward. A blowhard. Andy Cheek can talk for 40 minutes and never say a word. He talks in circles and speaks with circle tongue.

DEAR SANTA: Please bring Marion Williams a brain. And Andy Cheek needs one, too. We definitely do not need all the proposals that they have going for the city. All they're doing is dragging us down while Evans is building up and taking all the business and tax dollars away from us.

THIS IS A RANT against Cynthia McKinney who, in her last days, continues to distract the nation by trying to impeach our president. She could have done great things while in Congress but chose a path of antagonism and hatred. What a waste of a position; shame on you!

I HAVE A BETTER IDEA. We don't need to choose another day to worship Christ. We can celebrate his birthday on Dec. 25 in the manner we each wish to and we can (and should) worship him every day!