Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


ANOTHER YEAR COME and gone and what do we got to show for it? Did we get a new courthouse or a new library or a new civic center or even a hotel-convention center? Nope. Same as last year - another great, big pile of nothing.

RICHMOND COUNTY school board members: Are you crazy? We voters just voted A.K. Hasan off. Doesn't that tell you something?

I DON'T KNOW the inner workings of the Augusta Commission, but before a commissioner should be able to jump on a plane and go anywhere on taxpayers' money, there should be a way for a vote to be taken. Three commissioners should be billed for the charges for that recent trip personally.

IF THE GOOD OL' BOY system doesn't fail us in Columbia County I think we already know who our next superintendent's going to be, now don't we?

THERE IS SOMETHING wrong, Augusta, when commissioners will vote to build a drag strip for an ungodly amount of money and then cut the budget from $3,000 to $1,500 to do renovations in the skateboarding park for children. Where are our priorities?

A RANT FOR Grovetown Middle School. I went in there the other day and I was greeted very rudely.

A BIG RANT to the Richmond County Board of Education. Why don't you just give Hasan the job of superintendent if you want to pay him as a consultant? All Hasan knows is how to put the knife in other people's back and shove it in at other's will.

A RANT FOR Harlem High School. How can a pupil (a starter) be punished by not permitting them to play in a basketball game due to one missed practice due to another academic function at the school for that same day/night as the practice session?

WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT to the second largest metro area in Georgia: Marion Williams with his loud mouth, incorrect grammar, and attitude that someone owes him something in life. He obviously is no gentleman or he would have stepped down from the position that he has usurped for this year.

WHY WOULD BETTY BEARD attack Joe Bowles? She was trying to defend another trip at taxpayer expense and deflect the criticism from herself. No, she is not a racist. Her only prejudice is toward herself.

A HUGE RANT about people who would stoop so low as to hurt someone who is already hurting. No one has a car accident on purpose and for some people it is just an excuse to try and extort money from the insurance companies and or the people involved in an accident.

A RANT TO THE driver of the red car that was speeding on Elliott Boulevard on Tuesday the 12th. You did not kill the cat that you hit. You did injure it, since you didn't bother to stop and check on it. Just wanted you to know that it suffered and yes, we all saw you hit him.