Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


IT'S FUNNY HOW Gov. Sonny Perdue didn't mention the possibility of cutting benefits for retired state employees before the election. I'm sure Perdue will have adequate free health care when he retires, courtesy of the citizens of Georgia.

A RANT TO CHANNEL 12 for not renewing Richard Rogers' contract. We all enjoy watching him, and I hope you reconsider.

I'M AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN, married, working mother of five. I get followed around Augusta Mall.

TO THE GUY WHO MAKES more than $70,000 and doesn't want his tax return money back, he can send it to my house. I make over $100,000, but I work and earn it.

I HAVE A BIG RAVE for Dr. B. Griffith in Eisenhower Medical Center. I want to say thank you to his team and staff. And a big thank you to the nurses in 9 West. Happy holidays with lots of peace and lots of love.

I'M CALLING ABOUT Richard Rogers. I'd also like to say that I like to see him and Laurie Ott with the news. Sorry that y'all are letting him go.

ANDY CHEEK OUGHT to be ashamed of himself, trading his vote on that drag strip deal with Marion Williams just so he can become mayor pro tem. I think he's seen his last elected office in Augusta.

YOU CAN THANK the voters for Sonny Perdue's actions. You get what you vote for.

THIS IS A RANT for you Southern belles. Don't any of you girls down here in the South believe in marriage? Everything I read in the paper is: "Need help, single mom." Why don't you girls get married?

BAH HUMBUG to the person ranting about inflatable Christmas decor. Children don't think they're tacky. Raves to the people who go through the hard work of decorating their whole yard so my children can ride around and look at your beautiful lights.

PEOPLE CAN STAND outside the store and scratch off lottery tickets all day long, but I cannot handicap a horse race on the Internet. Go figure.

I WILL BE TACKY with my Christmas blow-up ornaments in the yard because the kids enjoy them. That makes me happy.

YOU CAN COMPLAIN about the drag strip, but leave NASCAR out of it.

I HAVE A RANT. I noticed where they're only going to renew Richard Rogers' contract for two more months. I know Richard personally. He's a great guy; he's done a tremendous job for the community.

THIS IS A RANT directed towards Laurie Ott and Richard Rogers of WRDW news. The comment that was made during the Martinez-Evans Christmas parade was a total slap in the face for the residents of Harlem. Laurie and Richard knew all the mascots to every other Columbia County high school except Harlem. For the record: Yes, we are the Bulldogs.

I ATTENDED THE Christmas concert presented by the Fine Arts Department at Cross Creek High School, and I am still in awe! The students, staff, volunteers and the principal were all gracious, and the building was decorated and glistening with Christmas. The performances and the behavior of the audience and students were wonderful. What an inspiring evening!

I ENJOY SHOPPING at Augusta Mall and have never had any trouble there. If the security gets slack on rules and regulations, then it will end up just like the Regency Mall.