Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


JACKSON DRAG STRIP was started approximately 50 years ago, and in all those years together they have not brought in $30 million. Get the picture?

TO THE PERSON WHO is having the dog-barking issue. No one "lets" a dog bark. God controls that. And although I hate that this is annoying to you, barking is what dogs do.

SOME OF THE COMMENTS in the Rants & Raves remind me of the fellow who saw two brains for sale. He asked why one of the brains was only $10 and the other one was $100. The reply was that one of them hasn't been used.

THE GEORGIA WAR Veterans Nursing Home is in dire financial straits. Meanwhile, Lucy C. Laney High School has just built a new football stadium. Is there something wrong with this situation? It just doesn't seem right.

I AM SO GLAD Bob Smith has started back wearing his glasses. He looks so much more sophisticated.

I WAS BASHING BUSH before bashing Bush was cool, but for some dim-witted, America-hating foreign leader to insult my president personally is just insane.

JUST WANT TO THANK YOU for the Spider-Man comic books in the Sunday paper. It brings back childhood memories for me when I couldn't wait for the Sunday paper to get the latest Brenda Starr paper dolls!

TOMMY PRICE IS RETIRING as Columbia County school superintendent because he's worn out all his brooms and has run out of rugs to sweep system problems under.

I AM A SOLDIER stationed at Fort Gordon. I have traveled all over the world during my 20-plus years of service, and Augusta is the most racist city I have ever lived in.

I SUBSCRIBE to The Chronicle and pay the bill; however, it is by protest. My husband doesn't think he can make it through the day if he can't read all the doom and gloom - particularly the Rants.

BEFORE THE CELL PHONE era, everyone managed to get along without them. Why can't all these government employees get their own and pay for it if they are that important? I have to pay for mine.

A DEFIANT RANT for the Columbia County sheriff's deputies who are driving while on their cell phones, and people are speeding, not using turn signals, and drifting from lane to lane.

HEYWARD JOHNSON, the director of Augusta Public Transit, needs to be replaced before privatizing or contracting out is done.

THIS IS A RAVE for the Columbia County school bus driver who found a kid walking by himself on East Robinson Avenue from his school, picked him up and drove him to his home. Thank you so much, and God bless you.

NOT A DAY GOES BY that you don't see rants in The Chronicle about how horrible Augusta's government is, but rants criticizing Columbia County's tax and spend government are never published.

I WANT TO PRAISE the sheriff's department for coming and picking one of the rounds of ammunition out of my house so nothing would happen if my house caught fire. Thank you.

THIS CITY IS FILTHY. The elected officials in other cities of similar size have already discovered the connection between grime and crime. Go after some of the slobs and you'll net some real criminals, too.

THIS IS A RAVE for those responsible for canceling the book and TV appearance related to O.J. Simpson. We don't need that trash in the media.

THIS IS A RANT to the person who does not understand what it means to preserve our heritage when it comes to hunting. The state of Georgia is overpopulated with deer. We can reduce the population through hunting, or with the front end of your car. The next time you pay for your car insurance, be sure to thank one of those Bubbas or Bubbettes for keeping your insurance low.