Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


SHAME ON YOU Michael Richards. You should have done a rap song. Freedom of speech is politically correct!

I FIND THE CHANGE in tone that Bill Williams' campaign has taken to be very upsetting. I thought his previous campaign reflected a gentleman. This current campaign is vicious and mean-spirited. It just cost him a vote.

WHAT IS DANNY CRAIG thinking? His decision regarding Ronnie Few sends a clear message that it is OK to lie to your local government. You stand a chance to get away with it (or maybe that depends on who you are). Dangerous precedent!

I LIKE THE NEW North Belair Road connector. It's great to have an option that bypasses the congestion around the government complex.

THIS IS A RANT to the person who complained about the Spotted feature posting photos of fat people and claiming fat people have no self-control. Thank you for sharing your lack of self-control, by writing such an intolerant rant. Obesity is a medical condition and in many cases a symptom of an underlying disease such as metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, insulinoma, edema, etc. Can you say the same for your ignorance?

THIS IS TO THE MAN in Logan's the other night. I was nursing my son, very discreetly, when you decided to look at me, frown and shake your head. I didn't criticize what you were eating, what gives you the right to frown down upon my giving my child nutrition? If I'd been wearing a low cut shirt, showing you cleavage, I'm sure your look would have been different; you probably would have kept looking with a smile on your face.

IT SEEMS TO ME that being a baseball umpire is excellent training for a judge.

I WATCH SEVERAL newscasts a night, and if we have 130,000 troops in Iraq, why do we always see about 15 soldiers at a time? They wouldn't be protecting those oil fields would they? Then why do you need more?

A RAVE TO SUPERIOR Court Judge Carl Brown for setting a $100,000 bond for a former Harlem High teacher accused of sexual assault against a 16-year-old student enrolled there. Good to know there's at least one Augusta Judicial Circuit jurist who's willing to take a stand against school-based pedophilia.

IT'S ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE that this Richmond County is going ahead with this racetrack folly of Marion Williams and Andy Cheek's doing. Someone, if this does go through, probably will make quite a bit of money under the table. In the meantime, Augusta is hurting for money by laying off their policemen and other city people. What on earth is this Richmond County thinking of? And what are those people thinking of down there who are handling our tax money? This is really and truly sick.

I AM A CHRISTIAN, but I don't celebrate Christmas because of some of the customs associated with it. But every year, Georgia Power goes up on my light bill at Christmastime. And I wonder why. I would like to get an answer to that.

RAVES AND KUDOS to Woody Merry and his posse of citizens for standing up to this redneck dragstrip 'road to nowhere' that some commissioners with their suspect agenda are trying to cram down our throats - and make us pay for, too.

ALL THE VARIOUS people trying to develop Augusta need to coalesce around one thing: We need a north-south interstate corridor. The nation needs it, as well, as 75, 85 and 95 are hellish roads not capable of handling existing traffic to move people and goods.

ALMOST ALL BUSINESSES and industries have saved billions in costs, due to embracing computers, databases and the Internet. Doctors are clueless about the all of this, it seems. Why can't I log in at a secure site and fill out their mountains of forms ahead of my visit?