Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS A RANT for Marion Williams and the other commissioners who want to spend $6 million on a racetrack. That $6 million would be better spent helping the residents of Hyde Park, who have those dangerous chemicals out there in the ground; they need to be moved, and that $6 million would be a good start for moving those residents.

MY RAVE WOULD be a great big rave to the gentlemen on Highway 25 for his continuance to light the cross on his property. ... It gives us travelers a sense of God's presence - especially needed amidst all the road construction.

THIS RANT IS for Glenn Hills Middle School. At the end of the school year, when we ask our children what they learned during the school year, they are going to answer: how to evacuate for bomb threats, because it seems that's all they're doing every other day of the week.

CAN SOMEONE please explain to me why, when a law enforcement officer is accused of misconduct or an inappropriate act, his or her name is splashed on as many news pages or seen on as many news bites, TV news bites, as possible, so as to convict them before the final findings of any and all investigations? But when they perform any heroic deeds or go above and beyond the call of duty, they get a small write up in the paper and a 10 to 20 second mention on TV news - if any at all. I just wish someone would answer this for me.

THIS IS A RANT about the three deputies in Richmond County that got in trouble for the MySpace Web site. I don't know what this world is coming to when we can't even trust police officers. We raise our children to look at police officers and firemen as good people. And here we are, we have three cops that we can't even trust because they put these disgusting things on the Web sites for children to see.

LET ME EXPLAIN why people voted against the tax. It is because I have looked at the people that spend that money, and I wouldn't vote for a tax increase if it had my name on it. That is how much I trust our politicians who are spending it.

PANHANDLERS AREN'T only in downtown Augusta and 15th Street. I was approached yesterday by one outside a supermarket in south Augusta. The panhandling problem needs to be dealt with in more areas than mentioned in the editorial page of the paper.

THIS IS NOT A RANT nor a rave. Let's open a drive-in movie because, No. 1 we don't have one right across the river, meaning Jackson. And No. 2 , we would not have to worry about noise pollution. Besides, everyone loves to watch movies.

THIS IS A RANT and a big rave. Thank you to the lady and man who helped my daughter and me when we were going in the south Augusta post office when I fell and broke my left wrist, Tuesday, Nov. 6. I would also say a big thank you to ... a post office customer supervisor who let me sit down in the post office and call for an ambulance.

NOW THAT THE election is over, the Democrats I hear are having a hard time getting that duct tape off John Kerry's mouth.