Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


A RANT TO PIT BULL owners. Pit bulls are unpredictable. You uphold them because you own them. They don't just bite. ... They bite and shake over and over until the victim is dead, be it animal or human. So get real. Ban the killers or make the owners carry insurance on them.

ALAS, ONE OF YOUR Rant and Raves callers is a nitwit. Pit bulls were bred to be bad. Every single one has an awful mixture in his genes that makes him bad, no matter how nice you are to him. If you own one and are too stupid to kill him immediately, watch your back. You don't know when those bad genes will kick in.

THIS IS A BIG rave to coach Jason Shepard and the staff at Southside Elementary School for the smooth drop-off and pickup of the kids in the morning and afternoon. Coach Shepard knows all the students by name and the vehicles they ride in. This really makes the process a smooth one. Thumbs up to Coach Shepard and the staff at Southside.

I WONDERED HOW Mayor Deke Copenhaver kept Marion Williams' mouth shut during the campaign season. The answer was to dangle a strip of asphalt under his nose. But Mr. Williams, doesn't it smell like a conflict of interest, or is that the smell of concession stand dollars? Politics, as usual, will enslave us all.

OK, HERE'S THE DEAL: The county will spend $6 million on a drag strip. In two years it will be declared a mistake and a waste of money. It will then be sold at a fraction of the cost, or given, to outgoing Commissioner Marion Williams. Watch and see how their scheming minds work.

ANOTHER RANT for the Augusta commissioners. Why does the government of Augusta need to operate a drag strip? Is it to provide a business for Marion Williams' son-in-law and to take more of the taxpayers' money?

A RANT FOR the Augusta commissioners for allowing payment of $250,000 more to tear down an old building. They operate as if there are no financial problems.

THIS IS FOR all the rude customers that come into convenience stores and totally disrespect the cashiers and other customers by talking loudly on cell phones. No one wants to hear your conversation and would appreciate it if you would keep it down.

THIS IS A RANT for the media. Enough already about the malfunctioning Orbiter and the condition of the young lady involved in the accident. We are all glad she is OK and have heard more than enough about it.