Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THE VILLAGE DIDN'T lose its idiot - they just sent him to the governor's mansion.

NOT ONLY IS IT RUDE to chew out loud and talk with food in your mouth, but I think it is absolutely disrespectful when people are having loud conversations using their cell phones or when a mother talks on the cell phone, picking up their child and they are not paying attention to their child. I think that's rude and it shows how much they care.

THIS IS TO THE voters of Columbia County: I, too, was not thrilled about my children going to school where strangers were coming in to vote. Please, take a moment to write to the Board of Education and express your concern and dismay. Also, if you can, try to make it to a BOE meeting and voice your concern as well.

IF THE CHRONICLE'S comments referencing Harper winning the commissioner seat over Mason were correct, then shame on my district, District 4, for being angry with a man for exposing the truth! Mr. Mason, I apologize for my neighbors' foolishness, and we are the big losers, not you.

THIS IS A RANT for them communist Democrats. They never came down on Lyndon Johnson the way these Democrats have come down on President Bush. Lyndon Johnson had his Vietnam War and we weren't attacked. We were attacked in this war and President Bush is trying to do something about all the ignorant people. It is the truth and you know it.

THIS IS A RANT for people who ride around with ladders on top of their automobiles like they do home improvements for things but they really don't. Do you realize how stupid you look with a ladder on top of your automobile all the time? Ask yourself that question. Thank you.

MY SUBJECT TODAY is keep on giving, live a good life, life is good, let God be the glory. Keep on going; things will look up. Destination point: Live a good life. God is the beginning and the end.

WHY IS IT so difficult to get someone from the Columbia County building inspection office to respond to a complaint about all the illegal aliens taking up all the inspection work from the law-abiding citizens in Columbia County?