Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


FOR THOSE OF YOU who you who hunt, our neighborhood out here in Harlem would much appreciate it if you would clean up the remainders and not leave it on the side of a beautiful country road in a cooler.

THIS IS A VERY big rant to the person who said being home schooled is the newest form of child abuse. Lazy? Hardly. My daughter and I get up at 6:30 in the morning and get ready for our day of schooling just like her older sister does. She goes to public school. You have no idea why some parents choose to home school. For you to make a general statement such as you did isn't really fair. I keep my child home for medical reasons, but with the amount of school violence that you hear about each and every day, I'm surprised more parents don't home school. Maybe instead of complaining you could do something about making the public school system a better place for our children to be.

RANT TO THE TV MEDIA for telling the world what the president is going to talk about before he comes on the TV. I switch and watch something else as I don't need to waste my time listening to the president.

RANT TO ALL THE people (especially Democrats) who are continually complaining because we are not going to Darfur but oppose our going to Iraq. There were senseless murders, rapes and genocide going on in Iraq, and all we hear is criticism for President Bush for trying to stop it. Maybe we should wait until a Democrat is in the White House before sending our troops to Darfur. Then the (president) would be praised instead of vilified.

A BIG RAVE for my child's coach as well as all of the CSRA coaches who work tirelessly with our children. Thank you for being objective and seeing raw talent and molding it rather than tossing it aside without working with it. Thank you for not being swayed by friendships, donations and social/religous affiliations. Thank you for treating my child the same way you would want your own child to be treated by others. That is true coaching! Keep up the good work.

I HAVE HEARD RECENTLY "Maybe they did not like the color of my skin?" Please do not make race an issue. What you make of your life is up to you. Regardless of what we have been taught or heard throughout history is not always true. Try presenting a better attitude than the person you are dealing with.

I AGREE THAT HOME school is a crock. Did you know that while your child has many requirements to satisfy for graduation, a home schooler, once declared as such, is not held to the same standards? For example, if the home schooler happens to score well enough on the SAT, he moves into college, occupying a slot that your child was declared ineligible for. Ineligible, because they missed a portion of a graduation test by one point, one of many tests the home schooler was not required to take. Let's just all profess to be home schoolers and avoid all of today's strict educational requirements. I guess these kids could fill our country's need for laborers and replace many illegal immigrants, but I'm not sure they are being taught very good work ethics.

I POSE THESE QUESTIONS on behalf of many of my 55-year-old friends who are all having the same experiences. Their 80-year-old parents profess to be much smarter and cognizant than these "children." So, at what point between 55 and 80 can we expect to collide with this bolt of knowledge? Were these 80-year-olds just as ignorant and callow when they were 55? As we are consummating our successful careers, many of us having been more successful than our parents, will we ever know how to do anything or ever actually know what we are talking about? At what point does this metamorphosis occur?