Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


YES TO THE RANT to replace all our ineffective commissioners!

THE AMISH HAD prayer; it was the person who did the shooting that was without prayer. Those of us who want prayer back in the school will pray for you as well. To God be the Glory!

THAT WAS AN IGNORANT and hateful comment from the unbeliever regarding those precious little Amish girls and prayer in schools. One of those girls' prayers and beliefs gave her the strength to offer herself to save her friends, but a choice of evil had already been made that day. I know which side of the great gulf the souls of those girls are on and which side the murderer's on. Maybe, one day unbeliever, your eyes will be open.

AS LONG AS THERE are tests there will be prayer in school.

THIS IS A RANT for the person who wrote in to say that curfews should not be set for teens because they need something to do and somewhere to go because Augusta is so boring. There is so much for you to do in Augusta! Try living in a small town that does not have a movie theater, a mall or a variety of restaurants. We only have one grocery store in the entire county! You have plays, theaters, very nice restaurants, Putt-Putt, nice stores and many other types of entertainment that my family and I must travel almost an hour to enjoy. So quit whining! Teens do not need to be out past midnight anyway. That is how most of them get into trouble.

PEOPLE WANT TO TALK about the young black adults hanging out in downtown Augusta on First Friday, but what about the young Caucasian adults that hang out at the Sonic on Washington Road. You can't even order your food when you're hungry. And on top of that they won't even move to let you order.

SURPRISE! POLITICIANS are making money off of underhanded deals. Who would have ever thought it?

TO THE NON-CHRISTIANS in this country: I will say a prayer for you today. God Bless.

THIS IS A RAVE going out to Josey's Sonic Boom of the South Band. I want to personally say on behalf of me and my community that you are the most improved band that performed at the CSRA Classic on Saturday. Keep up the great work.

THIS IS A RANT. People are so busy trying to pull the racist card that they can't even come together to just try and make a better Augusta for our children to grow up in. It looks like the adults have a little more growing up to do themselves.

WELL, IF THE Augusta commissioners are taking over First Friday, then it is doomed. And, how can the commission criticize any other group?

TEACHERS SHOULD forget carrying guns and carry Bibles. It is a much stronger defense.

TO THE DEMOCRATS: You complain about the Bush administration and how many people have died in the war. Remember, we were attacked, period. Answer this question. When did this country become a country of appeasers instead a country of warriors? President Truman must be turning over in his grave at the way the Democrats are acting now.

HEY EVERYBODY! Aren't we supposed to enjoy the rants and raves column? I know we are supposed to get upset about things sometimes, but can't we stop calling everyone stupid?

THIS IS A RANT for Fred Russell and his recent proposal for Augusta transit. He proposed to cut routes, but he failed to cut the fat in the director's office and the maintenance department, where it is overstaffed and the employees are overpaid.

I AM A COUNTY EMPLOYEE, and I think Jerry Brigham needs to look at the big picture. The county employee are the backbone of the county. We need our raises. I think it's ridiculous for them to say they need to think about other things.