Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


I THINK WE SHOULD remember the date of 9-11 because it, in a sense, is a lesson to America. The lesson is that no matter what people think, nothing is untouchable.

GRIPE, GRIPE, GRIPE. Why would anybody want to accuse or blame The Chronicle for the rants that all of these people are calling in? Because those of us who would give raves are too lazy to get up and call, use the phone to call in the raves. Say, for instance, for our sanitation workers. They do such a wonderful job of cleaning up all of the messy refuse that we have and taking it away. We should be thanking them for all of the things that they do for us. Thank you, Chronicle, for putting them in.

I WOULD LIKE TO know why is A.K. Hasan always the one that's talking on television? Is it because he's always jumping up, so eager to say something? And the other board members - they can't talk? I'm getting tired of seeing him in front of the TV all the time.

HEY, I'VE GOT A rave for Richmond County schools. I happen to be a single parent, 35-year-old white male. I have two children in Richmond County schools. They're straight-A students. They love their school. I've never had a problem. Actually, it's always been quite professional. I just think Richmond County's a pretty good school system.

THIS IS A RAVE for our mayor. I think he's the most positive young man in Augusta. I would gladly, gladly vote for him again, and I'm a black citizen of Augusta. Also, I'd like to say that you report that the white citizens are leaving Augusta in droves. Why don't they turn it around and come back to Augusta in droves?

I THINK THAT THE county offices should not be allowed to have caller ID and answering machines. I think they need to get a paycheck. They need to answer the phone. They need to work. It's terrible to call and leave a message and never get a returned phone call. ...

EVERY ELECTION TIME there's one thing that always makes a Republican look good. A Democrat.

THANKS TO ALL WHO so carefully and diligently put out the yard sale signs. It's a shame that they soon forget where the signs are when it comes time to take them down. Please take down your yard sale signs. We have enough trash on our streets.

TO THE HEARTLESS person who's tired of Katrina victims: Well, unless you're a victim yourself, then you have no right to judge. At the very least, each and every one deserves a home. Could you have gone out the very next day of the storm and found you a job? Just live on, because what goes around comes around.

THIS IS A RAVE for the woman who helped me at the Gas Plus gas station in North Augusta on Tuesday, Sept. 12. I have a broken ankle. She helped me pay for my gas and pumped my gas. That was so nice of her. Thank you.

THIS IS TO THE woman who saw the litterbug on Windsor Spring Road and called the litter line. Lady, get a life.

HOW IS IT THAT a man charged with murder is getting out of jail in just 15 years? He took a child's life. His life should be spent in jail.

I'M SITTING ON Hightower Drive in Martinez, and it's about a quarter of 8 and the train has just gone by. Does anybody realize just how fast these trains go through? They must be doing 90 miles an hour through an intersection that just has the lights and poles that come down.