Larke rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I SEE WHERE Larke played the taxpayers and the school board like a fine violin as he milked every last penny out of the system. It's no wonder we have such questionable characters running for public office. They see where the money is.

I THINK IT'S UNFAIR what they're doing to Dr. Larke. I think that Hasan man should be put out of Augusta and I think the whole school board should go with him. He didn't do all this stuff by himself. I think it's a crying shame.

MAN, THAT SCHOOL BOARD drives a hard bargain. I mean, putting a guy out to pasture and paying him to be a "consultant" without even paying him an extra "consultant" fee.

LOOKS LIKE MR. LARKE is leaving on his own terms, and laughing all the way to the bank.

A BIG RANT TO THE local media and the Board of Education. Charles Larke should have been gone long ago based on test scores and lack of progress in our schools. However, he continued to receive positive grades from the board year after year. Now there is an attempted lynching going on in the public view perpetrated by Board to cover their own backs and deflect attention on their own ineffectiveness.

PUTTING PETE FLETCHER in charge of investigating Charles Larke is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house!

I THINK IT'S A little odd that the amount of money that Charles Larke supposedly let people in the BOE borrow is roughly about the same amount of money that Linda Schrenko was supposed to have stolen. Somebody needs to look into that.

DAVIDSON FINE ARTS SCHOOL had the highest SAT scores in the state. And instead of the school board celebrating this, they go after the superintendent, Dr. Larke. The board is becoming an embarrassment to the citizens, as well as the students of Richmond County.

THIS RANT IS for the Board of Education. These guys are really getting under my skin. The county is cutting its budget, yet the Board of Education wants us to keep giving them SPLOST money and they don't make any cuts at all.

THIS RANT IS DIRECTED to our judicial system. Who says that crime does not pay. It most certainly does. Look at the ex-mayor of Atlanta Bill Campbell and our ex-Georgia superintendent of schools Linda Schrenko and then Charles Larke.

THIS IS A RAVE for Dr. Charles Larke. I respect and admire you for hanging in there and getting what you rightly deserve.