Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

FOR THE PERSON inquiring on Peach Care - there is a Web site - www.peachcare.org.

I KNOW THAT SEVERAL rants have been sent in about Ron Cross and his uncontrolled growth in Columbia County. Not a single one has been printed. He must have the paper in his back pocket also.

THANK YOU, BILL KIRBY, for spelling anxiety for me, because I was really getting anxious.

I'M VERY CONCERNED about the loans that were made by the superintendent and I'm wondering, what were the school's auditors doing? If that has been going on for three years and the auditors didn't find it they need to get them some new auditors. And they definitely need to look into it and find out why the auditors did not make a recommendation to the board in reference to those loans.

I GOT MY BIGGEST chuckle when Ann Coulter made reference to the aging porn star, Bill Clinton.

THIS IS A RAVE for the sponsors of the Women's Care Fair on Saturday and also a big rave for Bravo, who cut my hair.

THIS IS FOR THE Board of Education. I think y'all should leave Dr. Larke alone. He's too smart for y'all. Big rave for Dr. Larke. Board of Education, nothing, Dr. Larke, one. Y'all want to get rid of somebody, how about A.K.? He's not that smart.

THIS IS A RAVE TO the employee of Dixie Lock and Safe who came to my aid at Riverside Elementary School and helped me get my key, unlock my car and get my newborn baby out. You left rather quickly. I didn't even get your name to say thank you.

THIS IS A RANT TO the newspaper for giving Columbia County's falling SAT scores front page coverage and relegating John S. Davidson's number one standards in the state to second page. Way to go, Davidson.

IT IS OBVIOUS THAT there are certain members on the Richmond County Board of Education that don't care for Dr. Larke. These people on the board should remind themselves that they are there for the students and taxpayers here in Richmond County. They need to stop worrying about Dr. Larke, who's going to be retiring in the near future. Please, stop being a disservice to our community. Do your job.

LOOKS LIKE THE Corps of Engineer employees are going to have to work overtime to make sure that none of the floodwater coming down the Savannah River from North Carolina is allowed to stay and fill up Clarks Hill Lake.