Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THANK GOODNESS, we're rid of Ann Coulter in The Augusta Chronicle with her acid-tongue. Now if we can get rid of Cynthia McKinney.

MICHELLE MALKIN is prettier, too!

I WANT TO KNOW why this can't be printed in the paper. I've called in two or three four times to report that this goes out to 94.7 Rejoice family. They are doing a very good job. Keep up the good work.

I'M CERTAINLY GLAD the shirttail Nazis are back. God knows that a unkempt teen is more dangerous than one with a gun.

I HOPE THE PEOPLE of the state of Georgia do the right thing and get Mark Taylor in as governor. Sonny Perdue lied once and he'll lie again.

A RANT FOR Keith Brown. You are a true politician, talking out both sides of your mouth. Stand up. Be a man. You were caught. Move on.

RON CROSS IS CLAIMING the people who voted against him did so because of his stance on consolidation. With this knowledge, will Ron abandon his quest for consolidation and concentrate on charging impact fees to those in the construction business?

I WOULD LIKE to applaud the staff at the Henry Brigham Community Center. They have done an outstanding job at the summer camp this year.

THIS RANT IS for the lawmakers who want to pull over everyone without seat belts. Our most important commodities are riding without seat belts. We need seat belts on school buses.

I NEVER THOUGHT I'D ever say I feel sorry for James Brown, but I do. To have future music festivals to honor the Godfather of Soul with the oversight of any member of the Charles Walker clan has got to be an embarrassment.

A BIG RANT for all you people blindly supporting Israel. Wake up.

SINCE WHEN DID the corner of Washington Road and William Few Parkway become a car lot? Windmill Subdivision residents should be screaming.

THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE is becoming more and more liberal. This is shown by the fact that Ann Coulter's column was dropped.

THERE HAVE BEEN some been recent complaints about the Barnum & Bailey circus that came to Augusta. I think Barnum & Bailey realized Augusta had enough clowns already.

PLEASE EXPLAIN to residents of Columbia County why their tax evaluations increased - when Target, Kohl's and a slew of other businesses moved to Columbia County? There was no reason to go up on our taxes with an evaluation increase.

TO THOSE RESPONSIBLE for the upgrade of the road construction of Gordon Highway and North Leg Road. Job well done.

A GREAT BIG APPRECIATION to the lady that turned in my purse that was found at Dillard's. Everything I own and have was in that purse.

I LIVE IN SHERWOOD subdivision. I constantly see cops around, but it seems like nothing is getting done.

WHY ARE MOST of the cars driven in the CSRA not equipped with turn signals?

THIS IS A HUGE RAVE for the young man at the Evans Wal-Mart who got out of his air-conditioned truck to help me load a TV into my van in the dreadful heat. Imagine how the world would be if there were more people like you.

PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS calling in about stray dogs. But what about people who have cats and let them run all over the neighborhood?

THIS IS A RANT about the person who had a rant about the lack of vegetarian selections in the downtown Augusta restaurants. That person obviously hasn't spent any time in downtown Augusta because there are a handful of restaurants that have specialized menus, including, but not limited to, the Boll Weevil Cafe, Blue Sky, Pizza Joint, Mellow Mushroom and Nacho Mama's. The Bee's Knees is owned and operated by a vegetarian, and it has more vegetarian items on its menu than not.

A HUGE RANT TO THE so-called "War on Drugs Campaign." We as a country can't even secure our borders to keep the drug smuggling from coming in. The Augusta Chronicle Aug. 22: "ATLANTA: Federal officials on Monday announced a 'record-breaking seizure' of crystal methamphetamine buried in the backyard of a suburban home they say was operated by a Mexican-based drug ring."

MARION WILLIAMS doesn't get it. The sacrifice should come from all parts of the city government, not just the workers. In fact, the commissioners should donate their entire salary to the city until the budget crisis is over; they created the crisis.

THIS IS A RANT for Joe Bowles. He's just another blowhard politician who doesn't know what he's talking about, especially when it comes to the delinquent tax office in Richmond County. The question is, what is he plugging for? Tax commissioner, maybe?

I THINK THAT THE teen advice column in The Augusta Chronicle is trashy and morally corrupt. What do you think?

A NEW TERMINAL for Daniel Field? We have Bush Field, which is underutilized. And now taxpayers are being asked to build yet another terminal to be underutilized. Oh, by the way, grants come from tax dollars. Why don't the planners understand this? Enough is enough.

LEAVE KEITH BROWN IN. He needs to be there. Nobody's going to vote for Mason anyway.