Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


CHAMP WALKER, please give Cal Ripken the key to the next festival. Cal already knows event planning, plus he already has a venue to stage the festival that includes beer, hot dogs, seats, tickets, trash cans, first aid, restrooms, parking, security, etc. If Cal is festival director, maybe some of the vendors won't be afraid to come back and give our town one more chance.

WE JUST TRIED to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There was one kid (who) cried the whole time he was there. One kid cried half the time. And another one acted like somebody was killing him when they were leaving. Now there's no sense in paying $25 for two meals and have to sit there and listen to a young'un crying all the time. Nobody even bothered to pick the kids up. They just let them sit there and cry. And there were about a half dozen grown people at each table.

I HAVE A BIG RAVE for the Augusta Mall for the Thursday Family Night they had in July. It was very enjoyable.

HOW CAN THE VOTERS in areas where there is only one active political party be assured that what is published is the actual result. Who other than this one party will be counting the votes?

TO THE PERSON WHO suggested moving the school bus stops: Why inconvenience the children's bus stop? Let the sex offenders move. It's all their fault anyway. They need to be behind bars. I have no sympathy for them. Make them move.

TO THE PERSON against Bob Smith of Channel 12 weather: I'll bet you if we had one of those Katrinas out here, you'd want to know where that weather came from, how it started and what caused it to happen to us. You should want to learn that stuff. It's real. So what if he takes more than two minutes to get to it. At least he's telling us.

JAMES BROWN can use the motto "I feel good." He is a good person.