Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


AUGUSTA AS A WHOLE has to be jinxed! Not even the pedestal for James Brown can be completed without problems. Turn out the lights, I believe the party is finally over.

THE ONCE BEAUTIFULLY created streets of Harrisburg are now plagued with prostitution, drugs and violence. This is very obvious to any persons driving down any of these streets. Are the local authorities approving of this, or are there just not enough personnel to patrol the area?

THIS IS TO THE IDIOT who said we shouldn't be wasting our tax dollars getting the Americans out of Lebanon. They are Americans and they pay taxes, too! They deserve to be rescued. There are wonderful places outside of the U.S. to visit. Maybe you are too ethnocentric to realize this.

DELTA AIR lines delivered my husband's luggage more than 24 hours after his outgoing flight to D.C., and now he is sitting in Atlanta for over four hours because they don't have a crew to fly a scheduled return flight. With service like this Augusta might as well stop construction on the new terminal, because no one is going to be using it!

MY RAVE IS FOR ALL of our truckers. We really don't give them a fair shake. They do an extremely boring job that really requires extraordinary amounts of concentration ... . That truck is like an extension of their body, and very rarely (considering how many big trucks we have on our roadways) do you see them involved in an accident. I even saw on TV where two truckers helped in criminal chase! My hat is off to all truckers who transport goods for us all across the USA. God bless you and keep you safe.

SCHOOL BOARD LEADERS who constantly oppose decisions of hired school officials and make negative comments about them compromise the credibility of the entire educational system and its processes. Moreover, this behavior sends the wrong message to taxpayers. A.K. Hasan, you are guilty of all these charges. If you really understood (No Child Left Behind) and realized all of the accountability measures it places on school systems, you would stop speaking against Dr. Larke. He has done a great job for Richmond County.

I AM SO TIRED ALL OF this prejudice in this city and racism. I work in a good place with good people but like they always say, there is always the rotten fruit to spoil the whole thing. Now we are losing a good employee and all because she thinks she is holier than thou. Next one to go will be me.