Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


IF LIBERALS ARE GODLESS, I guess that makes conservatives truthless.

I'M CALLING ABOUT where offenders can live. I feel that it's unfair the areas they are targeting, saying where sex offenders can live. For instance, Sand Bar Ferry and Laney-Walker. Kids stay in that area also. What's the deal? They're putting them in low-income places?

TO ALL THE PEOPLE who defend the sex offenders: You're as bad as they are. They have a choice and they choose to torture these children. And you need to be tortured just like these children if you defend these evil people.

I JUST WANT TO THANK you for the American history lesson in the paper on July 4. It certainly was informative and is needed in Augusta and throughout the United States.

THIS IS TO THE PERSON complaining about the Augusta Department of Family and Children Services never answering the phone. They're all outside smoking cigarettes.

THIS IS A RAVE TO President Bush and the U.S. military for their fight against terrorism and a thumb in the eye for the Democrats for their relentless cheap-shot attacks on the president, the military, the U.S.A. and Christianity. Every time liberals express their twisted opinion, terrorists feel more enabled.

THIS IS A RANT FOR the Augusta-Richmond County recreation department. It would be very much appreciated if those people who work there, especially at Diamond Lakes, would return phone calls from parents. We leave messages and it takes three weeks for them to call you back. They need to get on the ball, especially since we're paying a good price for our kids to play ball.

I'VE BEEN READING and seeing about this rain tax. I was just wondering when we got charged for Mother Nature's work. We're civilians. We shouldn't be charged for Mother Nature's work. All these big shots need money, but this is Mother Nature's work, not ours.