Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


PARENTS, TEACH YOUR children etiquette. I received six wedding invitations and six graduation cards, in which I responded to all. Do you know that I have only received one thank you note? Shame on you!

DOES ANYBODY HAVE a number of a good ear doctor? My ears are hurting from all the loud car commercials. The damage is done before you can flip the channel.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT and grateful rave for Scott, the biker who stopped last Friday in Edgefield County on a trail as I was hiking. I really needed assistance. He took the time to help me get back to my automobile at the trail head. This is an important thing for other hikers and bikers to do. I don't know what I would have done without him even though I had already phoned and told someone what was going on. And thanks to my cell phone carrier for being able to reach me down in the woods. Thanks again to Scott.

WHAT A CULTURAL wasteland Augusta is. One of the worst - if not the worst - school systems in the state. A dysfunctional government. The ballet had to close. And now the bookmobile is going. Is there no end to ignorance in this city?

I READ A COUPLE of articles in the newspaper in which the writers were surprised that people knew so little about geography. Many people don't even know where Mexico is. The reason is elementary. They quit teaching it in school. I think everybody ought to know geography.