Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS A RANT to Aiken County. Aiken County just restricted smoking in parks, and that's outside. It's already restricted in county buildings. How about giving us people a break and stop the smoking in restaurants? Make it so I can enjoy my food. It's so nice to dine in Georgia where it's smoke-free.

ANN COULTER GOT it exactly right, and that's why the media are in a frenzy: I'm sick of the endless whining and overbearing sense of entitlement coming from the 9-11 wives. Their spouses died in the national equivalent of a pileup. The surviving families of real heroes - the ones dying and being wounded every day in foreign countries fighting for us - aren't becoming millionaires like these spoiled women.

NANCY PELOSI DOES not need the Republicans to assassinate her character; she does a great job of that herself.

REGARDING THE STATEMENT about Section 8 housing people: Yes, I'm sure there are some who take care of their properties, but they are in the minority. Fact is fact, man.

I BELIEVE THAT if you are going to live in the United States, work in the United States and become a citizen of the United States. then you must learn to speak the language of the majority: politicalese.

WHY AREN'T OUR local colleges' sports-affiliated? Mainly football. I believe that Augusta has the potential to be alive like Athens.

MANY DRIVERS COMING off Bobby Jones Expressway turning left on Washington Road do not stop once the traffic signal turns red from green. This is a plea to the sheriff. Please place deputies here to force people to obey the traffic signal before tragedies happen.