Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS TO THE PERSON who said no one should rent to Section 8 people. First of all, just because that person destroyed your home that doesn't mean that other Section 8 people destroy homes. There are some Section 8 people who take care of those houses. So before you think about downgrading somebody, you should think about what you say.

THIS IS A RANT for the person who took my wallet and threw it down in a parking lot and a rave for the wonderful person who found it and took the trouble to bring it home to me so that I wouldn't have to replace all that information. It's great to know there's still someone around who's honest and truthful.

I FAIL TO UNDERSTAND why people act the way they do. Was it really necessary for a grown woman to throw a temper tantrum in Kmart over two bottles of Glade and some hair spray? She threw them at the young lady behind the counter because she didn't have a receipt. She should be ashamed of herself! Kudos to the girl working there. Talk about grace under fire!

TO THE PERSON questioning why the official temperature is less than the temperature in their yard: Do you live down-wind from the Richmond County Board of Education central office or from the Augusta commissioners' offices? Both of those locations are sources of large amounts of hot air.

PRESIDENT BUSH, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld are now telling Iran they want to have talks with them about Iranians and weapons. They didn't learn a lesson about weapons of mass destruction last time? Look what they've got us into now. They need to impeach all of them.