Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


I'D LIKE TO make a big rave for T.W. Josey High School. I want to congratulate them for being on their best behavior at Carowinds theme park. I don't know the school, but I saw them getting on their bus in an orderly manner and taking care of business. So a rave for them on an awesome job well done.

THIS IS A RAVE against our president and all the guys in Washington who want to send the National Guard for border patrol to keep the Latinos out. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all these National Guard members could be sent to our Gulf Coast to rebuild all the homes and damage done by Katrina and give these people a new life?

I GET SO sick of hearing year in and year out for the last - as far as I can remember - that this is going to be the worst hurricane season on record every year.

I BELIEVE WE should not send our children to prison for having sex, but we need to do something as a community to raise awareness. It's not the same world anymore. Now one in three kids has a sexually transmitted disease. I would think that's an epidemic. Now STDs take "all the fun out of growing up."

THIS IS IN response to the individual who wants term limits for members of Congress. We already have term limits for members of Congress. If you think an individual has been in office too long, you have the right to campaign against the person and vote him or her out of office.

TO THE IDIOT who thinks this country has become as evil as the old USSR, I can only say look at the facts. People are risking life and limb to come here for some reason. But, if you don't like it, there are planes and ships leaving every day. Bon voyage.